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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
to the mainquestion what typ of mission will help to not fail a dps only mission?

its easyer to handle if anyone will be kicked from the mission who not have 125 weapon power all will be nice.

in all runs what i have seen failing it was still the same players not able to bring 2 nuuby bops down, that says if they can not handle 2 bops what happens if 3 raptors comes? big drama.
My Sci toon doesn't get 125 weapons power even with weapons to 100. So no STF's for him? What if someone doesn't have 125 but runs EPtWx2? Weapons power isn't a good enough criteria to exclude people from content.

To be honest, I don't see how there can be any real hard-and-fast rules that Cryptic could implement on Elite STF's that wouldn't unfairly exclude some people (other than maybe barring players that don't have components/regenerators in their inventory or the Assimilated console equipped). At best, all they can do is give ample opportunity for players to be prepared for Elites. I suggested in the duplicate thread the OP posted in another forum area that there be a mandatory requirement of 10 run-throughs of each STF mission on normal before players can queue for an Elite. That's not going to fix all that's wrong but it will help. So would a pop-up reminding players that Elite STF's cause injuries and that components/regenerators are needed, while also hinting that a remodulator might be useful for ground missions. Are there any Foundry mission walkthroughs for the Elite STF's? That would help immeasurably, I'm sure (assuming people did them).

And as for some of the horror stories I've heard of ships with dozens of injuries or afk players or players that do all the wrong things and bork the optionals? Those people could be noobs or they could be griefers. I read on a forum for a certain orally-fixated griefing fleet that Elite STF's were an amusing target for them. Just FYI.
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