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I like the idea of having to pass a tutorial mission before being allowed into the elite stf (oh, and by far the best strategy is 1 left, 1 middle, 3 right). Other strategies may work depending on who is there at the time, and how well they work together, but for pugs, 1/1/3 is the best for elite cure.

The tutorial would break the mission up into each stage. Must pass one stage before going to the next tutorial.

1. How to kill ships - stay out of range of the cube, but within range of at least one sphere in a position forcing ships to fly straight towards you. Don't allow any ship to reach Kang or tutorial fails.

2. Same mission different cube - practice makes perfect.

3. Player and 2 NPCs attack - All fire at spheres until ships spawn, then all fire on ships. If player doesn't fire at ships, or if any ship makes it to the Kang, tutorial fails. Once spheres are dead, must damage cube but not destroy it. Destroying cube fails mission.

4. Same as 3 but this time message comes in from other side asking for help, player must disengage and go help before ship reaches Kang...


As for requiring certain power levels, I don't agree with that. I do just fine in Elite Cure with my primary character (Science Ofc in a Sci Oddy) with power levels of approx: 95/70/35/55 with lots of crowd control and healing abilities.

It is far more important for people to work together than to bring in a specific type of ship etc.

Another option may be to have a warm up period before the STF starts. DUring that time no one can move, and a strategy is displayed saying "many players find that this strategy works best" and emphasize that if the mission fails, no one gets any rewards.
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