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Originally Posted by zordar01 View Post
My Sci toon doesn't get 125 weapons power even with weapons to 100. So no STF's for him? .
no it only sounds more epic if i say 125^^ i know some players can not reach 125 some.

the point is max weapon energy.

in the old forum there was tons of stf guides and still 1 rule was always put in max weapon energy or you have nothing to search in a space stf."and yes it was not so hard sayed like i do it now"

ohh and for ground mission ther is also a simply rule what you can make who have no full set can not go in, it happend for me many times that players make a ground mission unplayable coz they dont have a set remudulation was says no instant remodulation and deal on this way ~most time no dmg ...

the funiest players are the who go in with injuries then make first shot on a borg then then "adaptet" sorry not 100% shure if it is called so and then the other 99% of the run they deal constantly 1 dmg point, that are my heros in ground stfs

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