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05-16-2009, 07:15 PM
I have a theory that could explain this new "trekkie" conflict:

The old "time traveling" actually changed the time-line versus the new "time traveling" created a new time-line.

What if, every time they went back in time, they always created new time-lines? When they where going "back" to the future, they were actually going to the future of this time-line. The way their time actually "changed" would therefore only be an illusion created by the assumption that they were still in the same time-line...

Only my two cents. And as I have yet to watch everything star trek related (it's on the way), I may be in the wrong... In fact, I'm pretty sure I,m in the wrong, but well, I think it makes sense.

By the way, I LOVE these stories! They are well written (this come from a literature student) and are very interesting. Being a "trekkie-lite", I don't know much about the new times (only watched TOS and parts of TNG) and these feels pretty new to me. (I never even saw the cover of a Star Trek novel, so all those talk about "Titans" canon sounds very strange to me lol)