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05-16-2009, 08:31 PM
First of all, great supplemental log. As some people already said, I also really hope this is indicative of the storytelling and dialogs within the game.

Back to the current discussion:
With all the convenient things that happen to get the crew together, who's to say that destiny did not get a little help from the TIC.
On a more serious note, my take on the time cops problem, mentioned on many threads I've read, is this:
Whether this is an alternate reality to begin with (as a lot of us seem to think) or created when the Narada crossed (as the movie creators want us to believe), that event created a temporal stress point strong enough to cause a (yet another) alternate reality. If that is true then we are not talking about a normal temporal wake that the TIC's ship's shields would be unaffected by. Their quantum reality would be the same as the movie’s, so… they would not know what to change it back to. And on top of that they cannot because that is the event that caused their reality to exist. [Edit: I just realized you can still argue Vulcan’s destruction. But maybe after the Narada crossed it now belongs in this timeline. And if you cannot expunge it, you must allow it to continue whatever the consequences. … OK, I’m reaching here.]
Of course you can argue that there are other events in trek time travel history that could have more impact, but most of them got fixed “locally” (timewise) without intervention. You only need to bring the deux ex machina (see TIC) when things get really out of hand.
Why changing J.T.Kirk's history is that much more different than any other instance, I do not think needs a lot of explaining. [If any of you also watched B5 refer to the nexus theory.]

Finally, let's just admit they decided they needed to reboot and tried to do it in a way that they thought would keep most of us happy. I am... content.