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05-16-2009, 09:08 PM
They may be slightly off color, but the lines match exactly.
I'm talking about the non-straight lines. Unless you're a bat you can easily see lines that aren't straight or are too small or otherwise are different.

Whether you're blinded by jealousy or what I don't know but looking at it it's pretty obvious that if he did trace it he did a poor job of it.

Principles. Standards. A general unwillingness to be bamboozled.
That was accomplished by the first person saying "I think X was traced, here's the photographic proof in the form of an animated gif" everything beyond that and the constant harping is jealousy and petulant anger and an attempt at defamation and an illogical desire to totally humiliate someone who already lost a competition.

It's childish and petty and it's done. The contest is done, they didn't win any way, get over yourselves and worry about something more important. Worry about Cryptic delaying Champions online release and giving a stock answer, worry about Atari cashing in their distribution options in order to get more funds, worry about their stock dropping 50% in the last 8 months, worry about the fact that they don't feel the need to show off STO and CO at E3 (the 1st big industry event of the year).

Worry about something that has absolutely anything to do with you personally and could affect the release date of this game or it's eventual release at all. If you're gonna whine and moan and attack someone about something you have no control over then whine and attack the financial people at Atari.

Because I dont support rule breaking and actually expect Cryptic to enforce their own rules?
You know who else was a rule breaker? Captain James Tiberius Kirk....just puttin it out there...