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08-12-2012, 12:55 PM
Well I want to get in on the ego-fest too.

Since i have one of the biggest ego's in kerrat, but the difference between the pandas, and ISC is a difference in fighting style. I fly a BOP on my Klink and let me say its not exactly a durable ship. So we compensate by surprising random cruisers with heavy beam and maybe a Tric bomb for lols. Pandas are used to taking over a certin region of space and holding it via heals, heavy dmg resist, and a few Rediculous DPS ships to keep ppl from wanting to gank.

What im going for here, is in a battle of even odds, the pandas can control an area better. But the ISC is going to gank any straglers that break away, and if it came to simple kill count, then ISC would more then likely force the Pandas into a Fed Ball. Seing as even the best cruisers wont take on 3-4 ISC ships in a gank without support.

Great fights for sure, but the Panda's have a reputation for Huge Egos that even rival my own. And I have used every excuse in the book.

But now that I see what im up against, I suppose I need to refit my BOP again to fight Pandas now, since they are coming into kerrat...