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I am curious to know if this whole zen/c-points thing with peanut labs is just a big waste of time; where people just fall in the trick to give info for money that they will never see.

I've tried to see if this was another waste of time or not, and completed few surveys, getting 3 zen here, 5 there; for a total of probably 15 or so.

Then I saw that they had this cool 1300 zen for a subscription to I told myself that I will use Netflix anyway, so I went ahead and subscribed to Netflix.

Well, in the end I got no zen for the transaction.

My first thought is that the free thing works only if you get few zen at time; while for big transaction, you get nothing....they will find a bunch of excuses to justify the fact that you didn't got the zen that you expected; but in the meantime they have got the referral trough my transaction.

I hope that it was just a mistake from their side....we will see what happens (I've opened a ticket with their support system).

If this is the case, I wonder how many users here had similar issue, and if they ever got the zen that were promised by peanut lab

Otherwise I would like to warn Cryptic/PW and all the users about the issue with peanut labs; so you guys are aware that something is not right, and every one can take a stance and decide if there are basis to start a legal action (other companies has been persecuted pretty hard for false advertising involving data collected from users).

I am playing this game since closed beta, I am sure that Cryptic/PW would never allow any kind of mess with companies using their name and IP.

I hope that this is just a big mistake, but in the meantime I am looking around to see what is the general feedback about peanut lab and their free zen offers, from other users.

Thanks in advance.