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hey all,

i wasnt playing for quite a while now and always on FED side with my defiant and that other class which was able to spilt into 3 parts if i remember correctly but since the word on the street is that klings would need more pvpers at the moment I've just finished lvling my new tac officer to 50...

Now i wonder what items I need from a pvp point of view! Im planning to command a BoP with the typical cannons/turrets only build and a hit and run/max dmg output tactic! Back in the days I was playing around with the borg and that other set which you could obtain from crafting!

What would you suggest nowadays?

Ive seen that there are some threads to help with pvp but those seem to be only about which skills etc to use but rather less about ship parts!
I vote 4 open world PvP/RvR, stats and fleet vs. fleet specific pvp options!

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