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Originally Posted by naterag View Post
how come the history hasnt change. please cyptic follow the new movie stay ture to trek
Damn Trekkers!!! JJ Abrams should have stayed LOST!!!

Originally Posted by Rekhan
Commander Suran, once captain of the warbird Soterus, now lives as a gentleman farmer on the planet Talvath. Talvath has recently petitioned for Federation protection, which is what brings me here to interview him. He is the highest ranking military officer on the planet, and has indeed become something of an elder statesman. His intimate knowledge of Romulan politics, and involvement within definitive political events dating back to the conflict with Praetor Shinzon, makes him an even more important source of information. He smiles at me, offering me a glass of water as we sit on the porch of his sprawling ranch.

Link to the news article.
Rekhan, hope you read my post on the other string, where i stated Donatra will return.
Oh yes Unbelieveres, Donatra has set her self up for it allNew Homeworld, all the planet with food, relocation of Remans, Hold the most of the Romulan empire military forces.