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05-16-2009, 11:15 PM
Originally Posted by J.L.Picard View Post
All fine and dandy, but it's time to forget the Romulans, One of the problems with Star Trek is that they cant seem to let the big players just die, by this i mean in the greater scope of things.

I ust hope the people writing this dont bring back the Romulans for the sake of the game, they happen to be my second favourite faction after the Federation but bringing them ack for the sae of it is just a bad idea.
Hmm, and I was about to say that I hope they don't kill off the Romulans/Vulcans just for the sake of it. Oh wait, oops....

Like other people have said, would you be so blase if it was the Federation that underwent a crippling cataclysm? Or even the Klingons, who are more recognizable as the main enemy. That'd sure change STO. Don't be so quick to dismiss one of the most influential and well-developed races in the entire series. If nothing else, that was the real issue I had with the new movie. It might have been a pretty good story (or if you ask the rabid fans on any movie rating site, fantastic!), but it seemed they were too easily willing to just throw away established and favorite parts of the fans of Trek just to get it to move on.
Even Cryptic knows this. Sure, they're making the focus on Federation vs. Klingon, but they're not stupid enough to leave it at that. They've all but confirmed that both Romulans and Cardassians are coming out in expansions, as those make up the big 4 races in Trek. It's hard to just toss them casually away.