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The Romulan Star Empire exist still Unbelievers!!

Path to 2409: 2381

"With the blockade of Remus and upheaval at home, Praetor Tal’aura has insufficient forces to stop Commander Donatra, who rallies the breakaway military forces under her command to conquer several agricultural worlds in Romulan space. With these planets under her control, Donatra declares herself the first empress of the Imperial Romulan State and establishes a capitol on Archenar Prime. Tal’aura vows to retake the territory by any means necessary"

So a new homeworld is already been selected with a new Capitol. Is this a Planet or a continent on Romulas? As this paragrapgh hints at worlds, I say it a planet.
So with Romulas destroyed, Donatra forces hold the food, which in a crisis like this gives just about ruling power.

Path to 2409: 2383

"On Stardate 60900.31, Fleet Commander Tomalak attacks Donatra’s fleet at Xanitla. Tomalak’s forces are soundly defeated in the battle, and he is dealt a further blow when Admiral Taris and the twelve ships under her command defect to the Imperial side. "

So Donatra forces hold and her fleets grows bigger. In 2384 Talaura knows she out gunned.

Path to 2409: 2384
"Donatra denies having anything to do with the murder. “I face my enemies on the field of battle with honor,” the empress announces in an address to her citizens, “not with a knife in the dark.” She recalls Taris from Romulus and orders her to prepare to defend Imperial holdings. "

So we know this statement says Donatra new capitol is off Romulus. A new homeworld is already chosen in this case and the main power/fleet is still in power and control.

Path to 2409: 2385

"Federation experts fear a three-way struggle for control of Romulus, but instead Donatra meets with Sela and Rehaek on Romulus to find a peaceful solution. The three begrudgingly agree to put their personal disputes aside for the good of the Empire, and the worlds of the Imperial Romulan State are folded back into the Romulan Star Empire. Donatra holds onto the reins of power of the military, and keeps much of her forces safely off-world in case the peace does not hold."

as well

"Donatra, who most agree was the broker of this newfound peace, travels to Remus to meet General Xiomek of the Remans. She offers the Remans full citizenship in the empire and representation in the Romulan Senate in exchange for their support. While Sela opposes the plan, which she sees as rewarding the Remans for a violent uprising, Praetor Chulan will not go against Donatra’s military might.

The physical strength of the Remans, as well as their supplies of dilithium and heavy metals, adds to Donatra’s formidable military strength, and she re-opens shipyards and munitions plants closed since Shinzon’s revolt. And as resources flow back to Romulus from Remus and the worlds Donatra controlled, energy rationing and food lines become a thing of the past.

Still Donatra keeps a large portionof her power off Romulus and so she still has establish a new Homeworld.
She also become more popular as she distribute food to colonies so her power and influence grows.
With the Remans, she asure her power and her shipyards and growth of her fleet, conside that she, a romulan would focus on her shipyards she controls would boost them to maximun effeicncy.
We can see a whole new line and fleet of ships not seen before, so we say by 2388/89 new Romulan Warbirds no later then 2390.
remans who are expertat ship building, I can see Donatra relocating allot of them to shipyards she controls, thus a bigger populaion of Remans off renus, though reluctantly.

Path to 2409: 2386

"Ambassador Spock reports that the Romulan Mining Guild has finished a multi-year study of Remus and has presented its findings to the Romulan Senate. The guild reports that the planet has been seriously overmined, and recommends that to avoid a Praxis situation that the Reman operations should be shut down and mining operations should be moved to more distant areas of space. The guild spreads their operations across the Empire, settling hundreds of miners and their families on space stations and colonies light years away from Romulus."

Nowhere we can consider that allot of Remans were relocated thru out the Empire. Nd it does happen,but guess who suggest such? After a relocation plan to Romulus is rejected?

"With the backing of Donatra, Rehaek and Praetor Chulan, an alternative plan is reached. The Remans are instead offered the planet of Crateris, in the distant Gamma Crateris system. The site of a failed Romulan colony, the planet has a harsh climate and is beset by almost constant electrical storms but is rich in dilithium, decalithium and heavy metals. Xiomek agrees, because even the harsh climate of Crateris is a significant improvement over Remus. Thousands of Remans board colony ships and make the move to their new home. "

AS Sneaky as a Romulan can be, who like to bet that Donatra forces control the Gamma Crateris system?
With Sela now outcasted, guess who take on the whole of Romulan fleet? Has the food, and possibly control the Mining the Remans do?

Path to 2409: 2387

"After arriving on Crateris, Donatra and Xiomek spend several hours in a private meeting, where it is believed that Xiomek gives Donatra information about possible rogue elements within the Romulan military and government. Donatra decides to return to Romulus earlier than planned, and invites Xiomek to take passage on her ship, the IRW Valdore, so he can be in Ki Baratan for the next meeting of the Romulan Senate.

On the way back to Romulus, Donatra contacts Admiral Taris, who is in the Levaeri system, and orders her to return to Romulus. The message is recorded by Romulan military communications relay stations, but Taris does not change course. A later review finds that there is no evidence of the message in the computer banks of Taris's ship, and that the communications officer who would have been on duty during that time cannot be found. "

This would lead me to believe that Donatra has something planed and soon it be hatched. She does not have control of Romulus, But she weild a huge power base with the fleet and Remans.

"On Stardate 64444.5, the IRW Valdore reports unusual stellar activity, including a disturbance equivalent to a force seven ion storm. Romulus loses contact with Donatra's ship, and dispatches four D'deridex class warbirds to search for the Valdore. "

So she disappears before it goes supernova, however does Admiral Taris a threat? Taris sought the Sword so that may be a shift of power.

"Twenty-seven hours later, the Hobus star goes supernova. The resulting chain reaction destroys Romulus and Remus. Billions of Romulans are killed. "

as well

"Intercepted Romulan transmissions indicate that Praetor Chulan and the leaders of the Senate escaped Romulus before the planet's destruction. But the USS Nobel, en route to Romulus, find the bodies of Chulan and the Senate's ruling council floating in space near their derelict shuttle. "

Don't be surprise if Donatra appears again. With the rest or the important key points of the Romulan Star Empire under her control, she pretty much the one in Control.
Do not count the Romulans out just yet.