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Sorry to have to make this thread, but it seems official. Whatever updates are being made to the Foundry are ignoring our obvious requests, just as assets to the foundry are ignoring our obvious asset requests.

Example: We've been asking for ages for some kind of costume to give to dialogues, like a simple generic Federation logo when interacting with a computer. Now, we are given default "Talk to X" when attempting to disguise it. Want to scan the ship. Now, you need to "Talk to Ship."

That is really all we've been asking for, to interact with a console and have something console like appear as the dialogue. This update makes that even more difficult. What gives?

I'm really starting to feel like all of our feedback takes a backseat to:

A. Whatever some mysterious foundry team develops that might one day be compatible with STO.


B. The personal whims of someone who does not listen to our requests.

I don't mean to sound negative, but I'm not sure that anyone is listening here. For X sake, give us the ability to use a generic costume for a dialogue with a computer console. That is all we've been asking for, not some crazy talk to object stuff. Just give us a costume with a federation logo. That is all that we need.

Just a way to talk to a console and have it be a console, not some BO or npc. Why is that so hard to understand.

Ex: I want to use my tricorder. I don't need my BO to translate it for me.

I want to interact with a computer and have it talk to me as a computer.

Why is this so hard, if all that I need is a generic costume to attach to dialogues?

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