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08-12-2012, 11:29 PM
I recently switched to target subsystem shields III and it works wonders. Who needs all cannon builds when you can do surgical strike with single beam and nuke target's hull. LOL the 40% chance to disable shield facing is priceless, especially if you time it after enemy EPtS and have some points in subspace decompilers.

Disable Shields + buffs + HYT + Torpedo Console = GG

I would love to see the faces of people who thought they are safe with their lovely green RSP diaper or TT+EPtS+TSS combo while I nuked their hull away with my torps and cannons while their facing was down.

There are many options actually how to setup your ship. Some builds are just raw power, some can surprise the enemy. In any case, ~80% of the performance is player skill, just the 20% is loadout.

I have pretty horrible loadout on my Akira, most people would say useless or subpar, yet I still blow stuff up and end up high in top dmg done.