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08-13-2012, 02:37 AM
Good, looks like you're all set then You can use the bonus time from the box sets to give you a 'taste' for the game, and decide for yourself if STO is a worthwhile investment of time and maybe a small bit of cash in the long run.

For me I went with the 'sub one month for extra slots and 5 respecs per toon' and cancelled my subscription when said month was up. Subscribing is simply not worth it right now as there are not enough perks for established characters.

The only cash purchases I made besides the subscription were for the 1 billion EC cap, 21st century dress set and my first c-store ship for TNG roleplay was the Galaxy retrofit.

With 4 toons at VA and well established in Elite STF and earning well in excess of 8k Dilithium a day, I no longer have to use real money for z-store purchases.

Dilithium is more valuable now due to the Starbase construction requiring lots of it. I sort of note that many players are buying zen to exchange for dil which has driven the dil - zen exchange rate to literally rock bottom prices.

In short, save the cash for RL and use dilithium savings for in-game purchases.

I am now saving up for my second z-store ship, which can be either the Nebula for more TNG roleplay, or the Armitage for a competitive T5+ Fed warship.
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