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Originally Posted by ramos40k View Post
All you need is 5 players who know what to do.
First of all, it is possible to defend Kang with one ship. i've done at least 50 times. You need an escort ship, with DHC -s on the front and turrets on the aft. The BOPs cant even touch kang.
Then you need the right tactic: mrrml (middle, right, right, middle, left)
1.: 4 ships take out the middle nanite probes+neghvar+raptor
2.: 4 ships take out the right side nanite probes+neghvar+raptor
3.: 4 ships take out the right side cube
4.: 4 ships take out the middle cube
5.: everybody rush to take care left neghvar spawn
6.: do probes then cube

Of course you need a lot of firepower, so bring as much escorts as possible.
Yup, this is how we do it as well. Has never failed yet