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Topic. This is ignoring any possible buffs a captain can give, or any other BOFF, just what are the 4 best powers to make a Tac Boff good in melee?
My ground team consists of 3 tacs and 2 science. My capt. is one of those tacs.

My 2 boff tacs have:

Stealth Module 1, Lunge 1, Sweeping Strikes 2 and Lunge 3

My science boffs are one healer and one crowd controller/debuffer.


Medical Tricorder 1, Vascular Regenerator 1, Medical Tricorder 3, Nanite Health Monitor 1

Crowd Controller:

Electro-Gravitic Field 1, Medical Tricorder 2, Tachyon Harmonic 3, Stasis Field 3.

My captain uses the Fire Team kit since all its abilities hurt the enemy and buff the damage/defense of your team..which is perfect for this setup.

All my tac Boffs fight unarmed. The reason for this is they react MUCH faster to commands. Ive tried giving them batleths, lirpas, swords... nothing works as well as unarmed. I wish there was a 'dagger' weapon

I stand in the back, tell my tacs to go stealth and send my science debuffer in first to tachyon harmonic the targets out. After that the debuffer doff automatically switches to its other abilities which are heals and crowd control so usually that doff will neutralize two targets on its own.

When the tachyon harmonic hits I send the tacs with lunge 3 order. that usually one-shots any target. After that they go Chuck Norris on whats left standing.

My healer doff is always busy healing as it is set under passive orders.

My capt. is constantly sniping and using the buffing tac skills.