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# 1 AP:B or B:O for STFs
08-13-2012, 11:05 AM
I need some advice, please.

I've got a patrol escort with the quad cannons, 2 DHCs, and one single cannon for the 180 degree arc; all phaser. Right now, I have Tac Team, C:RF 1&2, and AP:O 3 on the Cmdr Tac. I won't be changing him.

The Lt. Cmdr is where I'm having an indecisive moment on how to boost damage. Should I use:

a boff with Tac Team and 2 copies of Attack Pattern: Beta (2 & 3)
get a DBB and Tac Team, Beam Target Shields 2, and Beam Overload 3

For STFs and PVE purposes only, which would lead to better sustained damage?

I've already tried out the AP:Beta boff, and it's a great amount of damage, but such a pain when the AP:B and C:RF cooldowns don't line up just right.

I want someone else's opinion before I shell out EC for a DBB that I may or may not use.