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08-13-2012, 11:26 AM
With the new Mine changes, brings a new Build...

I am currently flying the following with a new Tactical officer:
(I don't think my skill point distribution is exactly as listed, but close enough)

It uses 4 Disruptor Single Cannons Fore, 1 Disruptor Turret Aft, 1 Tricobalt Mine Aft, and 1 Plasma Mine Aft.
It also uses Omega Deflector, Omega Shield, Borg Engine, and Borg console.
It's Pets are 2x Advanced Fer'jai Frigates
It uses 2x Very Rare Technician Doffs, and 3x Shield Distribution Doffs
It's Power settings are: 100/50/25/25
How ever I can also switch out the TB 3 and VM 3 for Scramble 2 and Grav well 2 (I haven't gone looking for some one to train Grav well 3 yet) In which case my Settings change to a more Aux based one of around 40/35/25/100
If I'm in my more Aux based setting, Aux to Bat helps to provide more Damage in short bursts. If not, Aux to Bat helps to provide Recharge recovery for Mine Dispersal Pattern Alpha, and all my other defenses that are needed.

Why Mine deployment patterns you may ask, and why alpha? Because Mine Deployment Pattern now affects Tricobalt Mines. And Alpha 2 will allow me to Deploy 3 Tricobalt Mines, but not all at once to get shot down by a lucky Faw shot. But much more slowly and one at a time.

It does not use Z-store Universal ship consoles.

Have fun.. kill Feds.
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