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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
First, I'd like to thank everyone for their replies thus far. It pretty much confirms my suspicions.

As such, I would like to pose the question - why is it, then, that Sensor Analysis is looked at as some uberpower? I remember many debates about the Science Odyssey having it, and a number of people stating that anyone who knows anything about how the game works would pick the Science Odyssey for just that reason. It baffles me because it seems that it's got the "market" for DPS nailed down to one specific situation. While it's great for wailing on a Borg command ship or the gates in KA, it doesn't seem to do all that much to tip the balance insurmountably, and definitely doesn't seem like enough to get everyone in arms over it like they were.

Can someone explain this to me please? I'm very curious as to whether there's something I'm missing.
You might be looking in the wrong direction for that answer. A good group can blow up a gate or command ship before the Sci Ody breaks even with a Tac. It's really hard to come up with a situation in PvE that makes a difference.
It's simple, it's really only relevant in the only part of the game where you're shooting the same target for minutes: PvP.
Most ship and build recommendations are made by PvPers. Which is fine, since they actually know the limits and capabilities of their ships, and how to get the maximum out of it. And those recommendations have to be read in that context.
For PvE ... well, it if flies and the captain doesn't suck too bad, then any T5 does the job just fine.