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Originally Posted by chicochavez View Post
I've been thinking about this since the new asset list was put out and I've been wondering if the issue is not technical or a lack of dev time, but legal.

We know Cryptic has to go through CBS for a lot of stuff, which is why some ships are not in the game or are only available through lock boxes. Could be possible that Cryptic is restricted from giving us access to certain assets due to either their licence with CBS or someone else.

Sounds strange yes, but when you consider what's in the foundry and what's not is there any other logical reason? Would really like a dev to respond to how things are actually added to Foundry.
Note: To Moderator, I am simply answering this question. This is not a guide or meant to be a guide to hack STO. It is simple truth of how MMOs work. Thank you for taking the time to read.

I am not a dev for STO obviously, but I am a programmer and understand how this works. Or should I say how it is supposed to work. Back when I was 16, I made a massive mod using the game GTA SA, I now work for a large software company. At this point I must say that GTA is not an MMO so it wasn't patched on a weekly basis or played online so players were able to edited it using a simple script and nothing else. This action was frowned upon by the owners of the game but never enforced. Hacking any MMO will get you banned.

All MMOs work the the same way, you have all the assets inside the hogg files. These are huge files on your HD if you look. When a new ship or character comes out the devs add this to the hogg files in the next patch. Your client only accesses what is needed while you play the game. The server returns the object number of an asset and its location in the game. This code is either raw or encoded text.

The Foundry is a great GUI for making a script which fed back to the server and stored for use by other players. When some one accesses your community mission they get the script that tells your client to display the assets you were allowed to add through the Foundry GUI. Without the GUI you would need to know the asset object number and map coordinates. No such GUI editor existed for GTA so it was similar to programming in machine code known as ASM.

So I imagine adding any asset to Foundry is simply granting us access to the asset.

Legally I cannot speak for CBS or Cryptic or PWE, but in the past many celebrities have sued or tried to sue game and software companies for their image being used in a game. I posted the links before. I don't believe this to be a CBS restriction at all, how can you sue about an asset that is already in use in the game? As far as I know, the only restriction is actor likeness and not ship likeness.

Understanding this you can now see why Kirksplat is a tad bit upset. I thank Cryptic for the ability to use and enjoy playing STO. I thank them for the Foundry GUI because it saves the headache of learning a new scripting language. But it defines mixed emotions when it comes to giving us a crippled editor.