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08-13-2012, 01:51 PM
You're right, it is poorly policed.

However, as I understand it, while using an actor's likeness is illegal, portraying the character is not illegal. So you can use Worf, as long as it doesn't look like Michael Dorn. You can use Q, as long as it doesn't look like John DeLancie. And if your Q is not the Q, so much the better.

Deciding whether a game character looks enough like a person for there to be a EULA violation... is kind of a grey area. Given how Cryptic's character creator works, it is possible, though difficult, to create a character that looks substantially like an actor.

You know, we should have had some of the authors who were at Star Trek Las Vegas approach the actors and see if we could get permission to use their likenesses in our missions Though I suppose CBS probably would not appreciate that sort of end run.
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