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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
In a practical situation with assists and target changing the Tactical one will win.
12s is all it takes for the Sci Ody to be within reach of 99.4% of the Tac Ody's extra console.

At the 30s mark on any single target the Sci ody will have caught up to the Tac Ody.

On top of that, if you have any other powers (Sci powers, Torps for example) SA will buff those as well. (Side note, if I could have a Phaser Lance on my Sci Ody I think I would "pee my pants" as the meme goes.)

Originally Posted by vetteguy904 View Post
in theory the sci can outdps the tac. in a PROTRACTED engagement, like the borg invasion command ship. in 90% of every other engagement, especially with a team, the fourth console is the deciding factor by far.
1) The Tac Ody only has 3 Tac Consoles, not 4.

2) It's not a theory.

Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
First, I'd like to thank everyone for their replies thus far. It pretty much confirms my suspicions.

As such, I would like to pose the question - why is it, then, that Sensor Analysis is looked at as some uberpower?
Because it is an uberpower.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure why you are getting the results you are getting.

On STFs the Sci Ody combat parsings I had were far out ahead of the Tac Ody.

This was using the exact same captain, the same gear, and the same BOFF powers (all I did was switch ships).

I could see, that if all you ever ran was the Mirror Event or other similar content with weak NPCs that practically explode when you fart in their general direction that yes, 12s will not elapse before enemies are dead.

On any content where your enemy survives for 30s or more (i.e. any enemy that matters) the Sci Ody will pull ahead.

NOTE: All credit for the data points posted above belong to Maelwy5, who did all of the testing and analysis found therein. My own testing was performed in limited foundry maps, and a week's worth of ESTF logs.

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