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08-13-2012, 04:11 PM
@Sameriker: You make a good point, though I'm thinking more along the lines of limited use licenses. Remember Cryptic is the second company in on this game, could some of the assets used be from the original developers and that is causing issues? Have they used 3rd party companies as a source for some material? From what I understand the Foundry didn't exist for a while after STO opened, maybe they wouldn't want to change some old contracts?

Even if they're in the game we still have restrictions, like the before mentioned Lock Box ships that can be in the game but CANNOT be straight sold.

If we dismiss legal reasons, then only thing left is technical (I'm ignoring the theory that Cryptic doesn't want us to make better missions then them).

Considering they're just announcing patrols for Foundry mission NPCs now, is it possible the older assets we dont have just wont WORK in the Foundry, and its not just a case of linking the HOGG files to it?