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05-17-2009, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by Korrific View Post

See, here's the thing - it's not just Cryptic. Every creativity contest for every MMO that I've seen so far has had at least one "questionable entry." And as I'd mentioned in the last contest, I'm convinced that there will always be a "questionable entry," regardless as to whether or not any of the entries are, in fact, questionable. :p
Sadly, it has been beyond question in some past contests(*cough*word limit*cough*), and it is turning into an overall pattern

Originally Posted by Korrific View Post
The contest is over. The accused did not win - probably in large part because of the accusations. Whether or not he "cheated" (and, honestly, I don't think he did) is moot at this point. But by all means, rant and rail - for some of us, it's fun to watch
Different people have posted "against" the rule breakers in the various contests, and they have done so for their own reasons. My only reason has only been that hopefully Cryptic will be just a LITTLE more thoughtful in their choice of winners in future contets. And despite the way some people have chosen to make their case, I have always done so without "flipping out". If you want to call that 'ranting and railng', then your own post would fit that same definition