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08-13-2012, 05:31 PM
One possible answer: They don't care about the foundry ion the slightest; that's my take anyhow. The idea that giving us "too much" would hinder our creativity is, frankly, one of the most pathetic and lame excuses I've ever heard.

We have been asking for obvious assets that should have been included from day 1, for current player costumes, a proper way to interact with objects, etc. All very basic stuff and we have been either ignored or met with petulant eye-rolling.

This is deeply frustrating--especially since there is so much effort putting non-sense and cash sinks into the game while ignoring actual content improvements. The foundry could be the great asset that helps mitigate this issue (PWE wants its lock boxes instead of missions) but they won't even meet us a quarter of the way...