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The Borg assimilated a copy of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Next time on ISE, look out for the tactical fusion cube when you attack the first group of enemies.

If you look carefully into one of the windows of the Tactical Cube look out for some silly rainbow coloured drones in motorcycle suits doing various kung fu moves, followed by the 'Deploy Megazord!' command where 7 other Tactical Cubes will transwarp in and join together to form the TFC


The Borg assimilated a hello kitty plush toy deliberately left behind on Cure Ground Elite.

They thought it's a Federation secret weapon so they assimilate it, since the topic of hello kittys are roughly similar to all the other wierd Federation media they have downloaded from assimilated ships' hard drives like Transformers, Gundams, cute anime girls, the Klingon version of Ganguro Girls, etc.

Next time some MACO operatives entered the CGE map they found not a single Borg drone in sight, and Armek was dressed in pink, had adorable bunny ears and devoid of weapons. Armek played with the Fed troopers and made friends and Vorn System became a resort world happily ever after.

From then on that map is named Cute Ground Elite.


When a Galaxy R separates the battle section, the saucer is renamed into a Starfleet Saucer.

Does that mean that there's a Starfleet Teacup too? If so I want one.

Next time in the C-store, look out for the Captain Picard Complete Tea Set, which includes the saucer section, teacup section, teaspoon module and the all-important sugar box console.

This gives you not only the ability to Multi-Vector Tea N' Cupcakes ** assault the enemy, but you can do it in Olde English style too.

** Player with Deanna Troi's Betazed Cake Set required. Cake Set not included in purchase.
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