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05-17-2009, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Tuvya View Post
ST lore supports multiverse based on choices we make, and travel between them by several methods, but time travel DOES NOT create a new universe in Trek Lore, it changes the one you are in.
Star Trek Enterprise (the one with Captain Archer)
Episode : In a Mirror, Darkly
Not only was the USS Defiant sent to the Mirror Universe (the one with bearded Spock), but it was also thrown back in time. According to Memory Alpha from 2268 back to 2155.

So once again I hypothesize that the Black Hole / Space Storm (whatever it was) could send them to a Parallel Universe as well as back in time. However, I suppose it's also possible it could have caused a new separate time-line to form (so a new part to the multi-verse basically?). I like my first idea better.