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Originally Posted by carmenara View Post

The Borg assimilated a hello kitty plush toy deliberately left behind on Cure Ground Elite.

They thought it's a Federation secret weapon so they assimilate it, since the topic of hello kittys are roughly similar to all the other wierd Federation media they have downloaded from assimilated ships' hard drives like Transformers, Gundams, cute anime girls, the Klingon version of Ganguro Girls, etc.

Next time some MACO operatives entered the CGE map they found not a single Borg drone in sight, and Armek was dressed in pink, had adorable bunny ears and devoid of weapons. Armek played with the Fed troopers and made friends and Vorn System became a resort world happily ever after.

From then on that map is named Cute Ground Elite.
This part made me cringe with fear...