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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
I think it's more about forgetting to use or not having defensive skills.

I wonder what that guy was trying to do with TBR.... maybe he thought he could actually kill her with it?
Eh, I guess that makes sense. If I forget to use engineering team, I go boom pretty fast, lol.

The TBR guy... I don't know. That baffles me. I don't even keep the regular tractor beam on my escort (swapped it out for Tyken's rift), and I've never used TBR. Doesn't it just push without even disabling anything?

I have Photonic Shockwave on my science ship, but I don't use it in group events unless 1) we're being endlessly mobbed and people need a chance to heal and regroup, 2) I'm fighting a mob by myself, or 3) I'm in a tractor hold by two or more ships that are close enough to be hit by it. It turns their tractor beam off.
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