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It's pretty simple: Disable the freighters FIRST ! A raptor with big guns helps too.

The dock raid: disable the freighters, then go after the civ defenders ,then scoop up the freighters cargo, THEN go after the docked heavies. Be quick tho.

The freighter raid is the same: I cloak and run fast as possible to the head of the convoy, disable the lead freighters, kill the defender (the lag defender usually stays with the rear group) and raid the lead freighters THEN turn on the followers- same as above: disable freighters, kill defender, loot freighters. be FAST !!! If the following defender joins the lead in attacking you just watch the freighters- keep them DISABLED until you can kill the defenders and have time to loot them.

The Array: Disable freighters (both if possible but I can quite catch the second one), kill defenders, loot freighter THEN kill nodes on array BUT be ready to disable the two freighters when the shield drops as a defender WILL warp in as the shield drops. It's important to heal yourself as the defender will pound you as the freighters are being disabled but you MUST get them before they bug out. WATCH them as you kill the defender and loot the closest one after the defender is dead then RUN FAST for the other freighter and disable/loot him.

It's rough doing it alone, but it becomes easy the more you run the missions.

Good luck.
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