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08-14-2012, 02:44 PM
Since you didn't specify whcih part you're having trouble with:

-Transports: CLOAK! Then Full Impulse to the middle satelite ignoring the first fed ship for now. Go Full Stop, and shoot the first freighter that comes into range. Loot it. Don't use AoE here, that might screw you.
A few seconds later, a ship will jump in. Kill it, as quick as you can.
Now you can Full Impulse to the head of the column again, and disable and loot freighters as they come.

-Drydock: Approach to 9.x klicks of the first docked vessel, full stop, and kill it. Circle around the station, keeping more than 10km distance to the ships in the middle, and get into a position 9.x klicks away from the second docked ship. Rinse, repeat. Just kill docked ships from safe positions, don't engage anything else.
After you killed all the docked ships, clean up the ships in the middle and the reinforcements and you're done.

-Outpost: Immedieatly engage the ship escorting the freighters leaving towards the left, kill it, then go for the civilian ships from the center who probably joined in anyway.
Now you should have enough time to disable and loot both of the left freighters.
If you were really good, you can rush to the right satelite and get the two freighters and the escort there and complete the obtional early, but that's quite hard ... and not necessary.
Destroy the shield generators and head to mid, kill the ship jumping in and hunt down the two freighters that were in the shield for completion.

With all of them, make sure that nothing can interrupt you while looting, and that you will have a safe moment to loot any disabled ship - or they're like to not count.

One of the most fun single-player missions in this game.