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to understand my situation here ill write down the whole, very simple story:

i am an gold STO player with all these perks:

Star Trek Online - Preorder
Star Trek Online 12 Month Subscription Preorder
Star Trek Online - In game items
Star Trek Online - Retail

Subscribed For: 857 Days
Subscription Status: Active

i have bough almost every KDF and some FED ships and bundles, and i have invested many hours into developing my characters here!

now i have had a pause in playing STO for several weeks, but i let my sub run, so i am still gold..

i am a webdesigner, so i own multiple domains.

then the problem occurred: there has been an error in billing for one of my domains and the domain is now in quarantine (no access). i don't know if ill be able to regain it.
unfortunately, this was the domain where my STO registration e-mail was on.

i can still access my account here on the webpage, but i cannot change the account's e-mail, cause for that i would need to confirm an email on my last address..

i didn't know this and reinstalled my computer, so now i cannot access the game anymore, cause i just can't confirm the email sent to an NON-EXISTENT EMAIL ADDRESS!!

so full of confidence i have written an email to PWE support,
asking them to prove my identity and change the accounts default e-mail,
and after 3 days of waiting i got an generic answer that i shall make a new account!!!!!!??????


i have had an issue with a hacked WOW account before, they had me send them a photo/scan of my ID.

this would be no problem, cause i really want only access to what is mine.


my forum account is active so you can reach me here for another data..

for another customers - be aware of this issue too!!!

thank you.

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