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the personalised answer was:


First of all, make sure you are using the most recent version of either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Next, make sure that you have the most recent Flash Player and that you have it enabled. Finally, clear your cache and cookies from your web browser, which can usually be found under the "Tools" tab. Reboot your browser, and try filling out the registration form again.

Also, If you want to register again immediately, try re-registering with a DIFFERENT account name, nickname, AND email address than before. If you use the same information as before, then you may get an error saying that those names are already taken. This is normal because the system remembers your previous attempt for some time.

If you had already created an account but forgot the ID and password, then head on over to our recovery page. You will need to type in your account's registered email address and then press the relevant recovery button. Then check your email inbox and spam/bulk folder for our automated recovery email. Please remember that when logging into our games or web services, you will need to use the "account ID" for login.

For users with older Cryptic accounts, those should be linked up with a new PWE account to conveniently access all our hosted games and web services. Further information on the account linking process can be found at the link below. When linking is finished, the PWE account ID can be used for login.

Lastly, for any issues with the account guard, please check the FAQ listed below. If you would also like an email change to receive the account guard code, please let us know.

If you have problems with any of these processes, please reply back in ticket through the support page or by direct email ( and we will assist you further.

i don't see how this is supposed to help me.
pls do something!!!

the email is sent

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