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08-14-2012, 04:14 PM
Is it time for me to start teaching people how this sortie is done? They aren't hard once you figure out the tactics behind them. I'll layout the ground work here on how you do it with ease.

Attack Transports:

There are 3 beacons #1 is right in front of you when you spawn, #2 is where the 2nd federation escort will spawn if they freighters get close to it/pass it. #3 is the beacon where if they reach it they warp out.

The object of this is that they first and foremost never reach beacon #3. The easiest way to do this is make sure they never get to beacon #2. That said my basic tactics are I always ignore that federation escort that spawns first. I disable all 6 freighters and then move a bit away from the freighters so the escorts explosion does not destroy any of the freighters.

Then I make sure to beam out all their cargo before they become targetable again.

WARNING: For players with lets say teeth where you have a lot of DPS... REFRAIN from using torpedoes if possible or you will run into the problem I do where I am accidentally blowing up freighters because they are so soft and squishy.

Erikson System:

The kalferi isn't hard and no one should have problems there but as for Erikson it can be tricky too. Again the best solution is to ignore the escorts disable all freighters except one minor issue with erikson is that you can use speed and agility to your side where as the escorts will take time catching up to you... Disable all freighters, double back beam out cargo and as the escorts follow you after you beam out all cargo then clean up their friends.