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08-14-2012, 04:46 PM
This might be long, because (I kid you not) these were 3 consecutive STFs...

so first KASE, one guy (whom I ignored earlier, I did not know the reason though until it happened again) went afk. he ofc needed on stuff that came up from time to time. ofc we failed the optional due to time, and then came Donatra. now she is annoyance with 5 ppl, but with 4, we just got killed quickly (the others more, because I have learned not to aggro too much her). after 10 minutes (40 minutes total) one guy left. another 5 minutes, our AFKer decided, he wants to do something else, or feared that we would not finish, so he joined in. too bad for him, because I left a parting message (which was only readable for the others in retrospect, so they might have thought I was a griefer instead of the AFKer, and meant my words to them :S). still, I did not get a penalty.

I could run KASE again, but I queued for ISE too, and ISE came up first. I join, only one guy says hi back to me. later this guy notices, how big is his Odyssey, while shooting at a generator, instead of the cube. still, not a threat, no DPS as usual with the ody (no offense to the good captains, but we have declared what an insta admiral is, in this topic). we kill the transformer just before the nanites arrive to it. start the sphere killing. one guy goes for the cube. no prob, have seen such thing, usually they take out the cube, while we take out the spheres. BUT some other decides to go there too, now the balance is gone.

and now the best part. after our ody hero said he did not like his ship (he used DBBs, which on an ody is a no go, I tried it, and if it is a no go for me, it probably is a no go for the 90% of the players) he went there too. now I have enough DPS to kill spheres and survive them, but they had more DPS over there, and our Ody hero attacked a gen that was 10% (yeah, some escort started to kill those, instead of helping), so now we have MORE spheres incoming.

I have never seen such stupidity. not even in this thread. I noted them that, and our Ody captain asked, what? fortunately we had enough DPS to kill them, and destroy the transformers (though I had to destroy the rest of the generators, first because noone thinks like that, and everyone else fought the blody spheres).
after that it was pretty nice, no aggro on the cube, no blowing up from the gate being too close.

I exit with my bad loot, and line for KASE and CSN. CSN it is I get in. three Odysseys (yeah, I thought "damnit, that might make a good post in my favourite topic on sto forums" )
this was not horrible, apart from the fact that basically me and a BoP did most of the job in the game. one Ody went to defend the Kang (ofc I kept my eyes on him). he started to circle around the Kang. in an Odyssey. so yeah, by the time he did a full circle, all of the BoPs were at the Kang. so I go there, destroy three BoPs, and see he got the other surviving one to 50% (I suspect out of that 50, 40 dmg was from my AoEs). so I leave him be, go back destroy the cube to see him with the BoP at 10%.

now I go for my usual trip to the left, while everyone goes top (it is easier, no defender needed, I kill the nanites and the Raptors. I see the guy starting a circle, and by the time he turned towards me, he realized what I was doing, so came towards me (by that time only one bottom nanite was standing. I kill the raptors and the bottom, and start working on separate probes, just for the lulz. while I destroyed two, he got one probe to 70%.

at this point I see the other Ody struggling with his raptors, so I go help him, while the second cube blows. I destroy the Raptors for him, go for the neghvars, and by the time I get back I see the BoP and the others shooting, while our hero got the nanite to 10%. I literally laughed out loud, it was so funny.
after that, everything went well. ofc only one side of the carrier was down, where me and my BoP friend attacked it, while the Ody captains were trying to find their grasp on the situation, and where to shoot.

for the lulz, I started a 4th game, a KASE, just to see if anything comes out of it, but nothing. the game went flawlessly. in the end two players got proto deflector (ofc not me, who needs it, and went through all this suffering ), and ofc me I got the usual bad loot (at least it was a shield, which sells for something in a store