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Honestly while that game looks good I don't see anything in the trailer that is drastically different than STO in terms of graphics tech, with the possible exception of the Lens Flare Generator that's running at maximum. The real reason that game's ground footage looks so much better seems to be higher polly models and a better / more focused environment design as opposed to the kind of kit-bashed exaggerated scale feeling STO has, that and the animations are far better.

STO's animations however aren't limited by the engine so much as that they're limited by the equipment, time, and talent that Cryptic has at its disposal. As for the models and environment design, even without higher polly models STO ground could look much better and benefit greatly from a reworked design, bringing things to scale and giving planets a bit more of a realistic feel. Alien plants are fine but the ones in STO seem a bit cartoonish to me and could use some redesigning.
Amen brother! STO features some incredibly schizophrenic art design. The space ship textures range from gorgeous, shiny, sexy machines to fugly grey blobs. The ground areas are either breathtaking vistas, or resemble the original Pikmin.

But none are as bad as the starfields. They either look like the wonders of the Hubble brought to life, or are so artifacty they look like a picture I took with a camera phone undergone bad compression. Not to mention sometimes (particularly in sector space) they tend to glitch horribly.

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.