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08-14-2012, 11:38 PM
Kind of like a cockpit view. Yes, I'd like that to.
The third person view with camera floating behind a space ship isn't very Star Trek, is it?
Most of the time, the captains in TV series as well as the motion pictures, were issuing orders from the captains chair on the bridge.

I would also enjoy this, especially with the absolutely wonderful bridge of the KDF Bortasqu ship where you have the enormous panorama view from the bridge. If that would be the actual sector space visible - I'd be spending time handling my Duty Officers and enjoying the view at same time as flying to DS9 from Qonos or other nice palces. =)

Cudos to Cryptic for putting some of those Duty Officers in our bridges tho. At least that makes for a little bit of genuine Star Trek feel. I would however also like to be able to use my bridge instead of the "tactical view" for space combat.
This is one of the reasons I prefer Ground combat. It feels like Star Trek while the space is to much like an arcade game in my opinion.