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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Ah, I was typing my post up as you posted. I have never actually tried running 2 torpedoes before. How do the cooldowns work? Can you explain the difference in cooldowns between a single Quantum Torpedo Launcher vs. 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers vs. 1 Quantum + 1 Photon Torpedo launcher? Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "Tractor 1 - Hazards 2" and "Tractor 1 - Transfer Shield 2."
Tractor 1 = Tractor Beam 1 (Ensign level power)

Hazards 2 = Hazard Emitters 2 (Lieutenant level power)

Transfer Shield 2 = Transfer Shield Strength 2 (Lieutenant level power).

He's suggesting what to fill your Ensign and Lieutenant Science slots with.