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My favourite KDF ship to date is the Hegh'ta heavy bird of prey. Not only is it free, it kicks major butt and is the only (redneck engineered) science vessel with DHCs out there.

This bird of prey is also really angry and loves crapping on its archenemy the Fed Pigs. Despite complaints to the local authorities, cruisers are routinely found with thousands of bird craps on them every morning.

Thus named IKS Iratus Avis (latin for angry bird), my angry bird of prey is a rather capable warship as it is annoying crapping all over the Fed'Pigs' cruisers.

The official mascot of the Angry Bird's crew is a huge green angry bird pillow which is unceremonially stuck onto the front end of a B'Rel Retrofit BoP creating a rather accurate visage of the Angry Bird of Prey.

Now for a demonstration of this huge nasty bird visiting your shipyard and 'doing its usual business' perhaps you'd like to watch this Hegh'ta PvP video but mute the sound and play this theme song in its place.

Then you will see that Angry Birds is really not that dissimilar to STO


I have not actually tried putting the angry birds sountrack over an STO video. I have no idea wtf will happen or if your computer would combust spontaneously.

Ps. The threat of angry bird attack is so dire that scientists at the Smart Research Institute at the Mercedes star system had crafted a writeup (with graphics) to illustrate how many BoP craps it takes to damage a Federation cruiser, albeit a small one.
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