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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Ah, I was typing my post up as you posted. I have never actually tried running 2 torpedoes before. How do the cooldowns work? Can you explain the difference in cooldowns between a single Quantum Torpedo Launcher vs. 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers vs. 1 Quantum + 1 Photon Torpedo launcher? Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "Tractor 1 - Hazards 2" and "Tractor 1 - Transfer Shield 2."
As someone pointed out I was suggesting you consider trying 2 sci in your universal slots... with a dual tractor beam load out to kill peoples defense values... this will give you a much higher crit rate.

people like acc in pvp to avoid misses... if you hold you reduce defense numbers which accomplishes the same thing... and allows weapons like crthx2 to shine.

Torpedo tubes have a 1 sec global... meaning one fires then 1 sec the next can fire....
Torp Doffs reduce the cool downs if there are any on all tubes... so having muliple doffs and multiple launchers allows you to keep your torps firing very rapidly.

Quantums have 8 second cool downs
Photons have 6 second and do slighly less dmg... they also travel a bit slower...

One of each can be an interesting combo... I mention it mainly because you said you didn't have one good quant yet... and phtotons are cheaper ec wise... one of each isn't a bad option... put tet dmg units in all 5 tac slots anyway... so mix and match torps if you want.