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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
That's never really been an issue for me It was hard enough to break open their shields in the first place in a timely fashion, even with decloaking.

But that probably means I'm doing something wrong with my BoP weapon setup...
Hit Front pack... Middle one always the one a bit ahead of the left and right, then hit left and then right, then from the front hit the center one of the rear pack, fly past it, take out left, then right, then the escort. Sometimes some of the freighters will start moving again but just disable them once more and loot and usually the way I do it the 2nd escort never spawns until you are ready to leave.

I remember back before we had dilithium system and money was so tight and I wanted a kar'fi so badly I grinded this for days until I got 500 emblems to finally get the ship that I couldn't afford with real money. That is about how many times I've done this with optional completed in my sleep LOL

Edit: There was once and only once if I remember a KDF assistance run of this for a community event ran thru forums. There more than likely needs to be a new one because the last one was done way before we got any kind surge of activity we have now in the KDF. When I mean a surge I can remember when if you saw the KDF active it was like maybe 3-10 people at first city at once. Plus none of the highly active KDF players were involved at all in the original one that can teach people how to do this.

I'm not sure if Cryptic or PWE would be down with this idea if we got enough people into a community event for this if when the foundry patrol creator they were talking about is put in if we could get a pi canis tribute or story into this with lets say a master mission of a location if you happened to get a special drop from one of the 6 systems kind of like the refueling station works with the computer cores. As far as a mission to attack a base that these freighters are supplying and what the communications, shipyard, and medical station are supporting for something like an STF style mission for the KDF to do until we get season 7 content. Just my thought of something not so big to ask for that sort of puts a finishing touch or final purpose of the pi canis area and its importance to the federation and the KDF.

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