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The JJ movies would have to be in a different universe. The Kelvin is different to any Starfleet vessel that should have been there, Kirk is born in space instead of in Iowa and Starfleet itself is apparently so undermanned that they give their brand new flagship (now the Enterprise) to a cadets barely even out of the academy, if at all and all of that is before any temporal effects should have started showing up. So it wouldn't be in Temporal Investigation's juristiction, hence no intervention. Other universe's TI likely consider it an established event, one that helps defines their future.

No intervention at First Contact, because like it was already said, the Enterprise was already known to have repaired that. But who knows, maybe the wake wouldn't have protected the Enterprise without a little helping hand in the shield frequency or deflector array. No intervention with Daniels, because even a time agency would still be open to the right kinds of attacks, but not all of them would result in the complete destruction of the entirety of the agency. Otherwise conflicting time agencies would be stuck glaring at each other, countering each others counters to result in the status quo, or until the event becomes timelocked

It's likely that any Temporal Agency in the galaxy, or perhaps even beyond would be keeping very close tabs on the Borg. They're probably the last ones you'd want to do it, and the first in line to give it a shot. Hell, maybe even the Q continum figure it'd be bad to allow the Borg to screw with time beyond events that will already have happened. Perhaps simply all major timeline affecting timetravels are countered by one agency or another, or are 'naturally' corrected like in First Contact.

As for why the Borg only send a single cube, I always figured that it must have something to do with the lack of infrastructure. Only a basic connection could be maintained with the main Borg hive, hence the requirement for a Queen to be sent with the cube. Can't send more than one ship, because that would require more established resources in order to maintain the control and direction of all the drones properly. Of course, then you get the question of 'why not just send a Queen with each cube?' to which I can only answer dunno. Possibly a concern about having too many Queens to too few drones.

But that would also explain the Borg's general rate of expansion. If they could simply assimilate and move on, then they should be able to expand far, far faster than they were shown to. Having to stop after each expansion phase to build unimatrix connections to keep the entire collective as a unified collective would slow them down considerably and explain why some species can stay on the border of borg space for long periods of time without quickly being crushed by the borg. It would also help explain the movements of the first Borg cube when scooping up the colonies beyond just intelligence gathering. Moving to an area where it can transmit the data learned from the colonies back to the main hive without interference. If it could maintain a complete, proper link, then presumably the cube could have simply continued on its course without much care.

As for Voyager and the transwarp gate network with an opening right to Earth's doorstep. That's best brushed off as poor storylines. The idea was fine, except it should have required the recieving gate. At most it should have let Voyager reach the border of the Beta/Delta quadrant. Mind you, most of the Voyager borg related stories were pretty poor, well most of them were anyway. The episodes passing through borg space should have more silent running episode with a few strikes of opportunity before getting that boost to skip the inner regions. Rather than blowing up cubes left, right and center for fun.

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