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08-15-2012, 11:01 AM
this was todays best (and if you read yesterday's post of mine in the other "worst xp" thread, you know this is a delight ).

so KASE, three cruisers, a carrier, and me in my tactical escort retro. we finish the cube fast, and finish the other cubes fast too. one of the cruisers have a little problem defending the probes, but nothing he couldnt handle (though I felt I should help sometimes, so I sent some torpedos his way).
sadly the time was not enough, we fail by two minutes, still I saw the intellect behind the players, which is rare these days. we go to donatra, I say the usual 5km rule, and as it turns out, others knew.

and the cherry on the cake, was one of the cruisers. I think he specced in threat control, because donatra was only targeting him, and he was flying around, out of the 5km zone, turning all around, so she wont shoot her oneshot torpedo spread. she only cloaked once, before the one guy got the aggro
that is the single most beautiful thing I have seen in an STF so far (I guess this is the compensation for yesterday's run, where I have seen the stupidest).

also in the end I got finally a proto deflector, which just made this my best STF run (even after a failed optional)