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08-15-2012, 11:18 AM
The main feature of Escorts is the fact they can equip Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons, which do the most DPS in the game, and have enough manouverability to actually use them successfully.

I would recommend you either put three Dual Heavy Cannons on the front and a Turret on the back. Or two Dual Heavy Cannons and a torpedo launcher on the front with a Turret on the back. Make sure all the Cannons and the turret are the same energy type (ie. phaser or disruptor), and then get Tactical Consoles of the same energy type (Phaser Relay, Disruptor Induction Coil) to boost your damage output.

In terms of kit selection, the Operative Kit comes with a Stealth Module that makes you invisibile unless you're about 5m or so from an enemy. And it has a couple of DPS boosting capabilities (Ambush, Battle Strategies). But off the top of my head I can't remember if it's available at Lt. Commander or not and stowiki isnt' working very well for me so I can't check. It's definitely available by Commander rank, though.

Just remember if you are using the Stealth Mod, your Bridge Officers will still follow you and will be spotted and attacked by enemy NPCs. So really the only thing you can try with it to set a waypoint for you BOffs, have them start attacking from distance and use the Stealth Mod to get into a flanking position for bonus damage. You can't really leave your BOffs behind and stealth a whole map because some objectives require you to kill enemies and I think the Stealth Mod disengages if you interact with an object. I personally prefer a general DPS boosting kit like Fire Team, but play around and see what works for you.