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08-15-2012, 01:06 PM
The problem I see with the layout is that it doesn't have a lot of DPS. For what you are trying to do with that to make it ability for frontal and broadside power for my idea of what you are trying to do I'd recommend this...

(As far as the rear setup and reasons you explained it was a good thought but the problem with is mainly is theres not enough power back there or potential power to be much of a threat, if someone is on the offensive those are merely distractions that are easily countered).

for front 3 DHC's/torp, 4 DHC's, 2 DHC's/2 Single Cannons, 2DHC's/1 single cannon/1 torpedo.

For rear either 4 turrets, or 2 turrets and 2 single beams.

A few mix up sets I've found to work great is using 2 omega (deflector and engine) and KHG shield or if you can go heavy on tactical power you can use KHG shield, and borg console, borg deflector, and borg engine.

As I can see it though with having numerous hours doing pi canis grind for various reasons I can definately tell you that layout is what the route of the problem is. I've also found tho if you have a varanus or support ship setup trying to do it its not impossible but it will be close to verge of failure (is why I'd like to see a sciency gorn escort put into the c-store or shipyard).

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