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08-15-2012, 02:42 PM
Ah. Turrets. Of course. (facepalm) I'm so used to flying a Sovereign Fed-side it never occurred to me...

Needed to get more DPS into the frontal arc. That'd do it. Can still protect the rear too with that setup, but mainly useful since it will fire EVERY gun on the ship forward.

I'm still relatively inexperienced to the way KDF ships fight. I was a bit wary of giving up a wider arc of fire since I'm more used to the way Fed Cruisers work. And I still believe in having SOME side firing arc, since this is a cruiser, even though it does turn quick.

But for this purpose - yeah. This is all linear slashing attack anyway. And nothing is going to flank me. So agreed, 3 cannons front and a Torpedo. All turrets rear.

I haven't gotten far enough along in Endgame to get Omega or Borg sets (though I do have the first Borg console.)

BTW - For general PVE, does having the cluster torpedo and/or Bio-Neural Warhead anywhere - front or aft - make sense? For me the set-up seems to work just fine on Borg alerts and gives the enemy AI something else to shoot at. I cloak and get close and then uncloak and fly NOE above the hull of the B'Jer ship doing DPS front and aft (because the thing is so big both arcs cover it!) a couple of passes then retreat when I start taking too much debuffs/damage.

It LOOKS suicidal to other players, but it actually shields me from fire from many of the probes/drones flying around. And I keep my Evasive Maneuvers and an Engine Battery/Deuterium in reserve for when it's time to bug out.

And the Cluster Torpedo definitely helps against those plasma "I win" torpedoes the B'Jer likes to fire. The ones that "remember you to death" like in ST:TMP. (Assuming it's not on cooldown. >.>)