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Greetings all,

I was thinking about purchasing some Zen at my local Best Buy, as I have some reward certificates I can spend there.

However, while the PWE site says I can buy PWE Prepaid Cards at Best Buy,

I can't find them online at Best Buy(the folks on the phone at Best Buy said game cards can only be purchased in the store,) and the folks at the local Best Buy stores can't find them in their computer or shelves at stores within 50 miles.
I asked, and they can't order more of them, as they can not find them in the computer.

So, I found some articles online that state that folks have been looking for PWE game cards, and have had some trouble.

Is there currently a drought on PWE cards, and perhaps they will be coming out with new PWE Prepaid Cards (or even Star Trek themed Zen cards?!?!?)

Thank you-


PS:> I know I could buy Zen points online, but I was hoping to use Best Buy Rewards points.

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