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08-15-2012, 03:34 PM
First , I find that the OP comes off as extremely ego centric, shows he feels entitled to certain things, and can barely (even with nice words) hide his disdain for the F2P players.

His idea(s) are terrible and comes from a very flawed assumption , being that everyone "despises" the current c store. there is obviously no thought given to long term profitability, or a retention of the Silver players who while not paying a subscription cost , often still contribute to the game buying c points for the exact purchase they want, instead of spending money every month.

I think just from the replies to this thread it is obvious that the words "dial back the voice of the community BS a bit" couldn't be more accurate.

Very glad i am not part of the "insightful" Leet group for whom you claim to speak. Sounds like a bunch of jerks.