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Originally Posted by batmanforever365 View Post
One way that you could work around it is you could have a little subplot in the mission where the ship that's got the overkill abilities, say, went through a ripple in time from the future, which would explain why the ship's abilities were so much more advanced.
I'm sorry, but no.

The idea is a famous recreation of a battle.

Originally Posted by muaren View Post
I'm pretty sure they can't add that option as it can lead to exploits. People have been asking for this since Foundry launch and have gotten the same answer.

The only way it could work is if they created TOS era specific NPC's. Even just the main ones like Klingons, Feds, and Romulans.

I agree that what you are asking for would be much better for those people who actually want to make great missions, but unfortunately where you find that group, you'll also find the exploit groups- like those 3-click missions people.
Can't see how it could be an exploit to have vanilla mobs, especially when we been basically fighting these vanilla mobs for the past 3 years. Remember, it wasn't really until the Mogai got those Tractor Beam Mines that mobs started getting abilities.

And it would be nice to have a seperation of STO and Traditional Trek mobs, which basically have Phasers or Disruptor with Klingons carrying a Bat'leth into battle.